The Ten Best 80s Music Videos To Work Out To

Get Ready for Summer with these Awesome 80’s Workout Videos

Has your workout become boring? Do you enjoy your routine, but you’d like a little different workout soundtrack? Do you enjoy 80’s music? Then I have the perfect workout song list featuring the most awesome 80’s workout tunes just for you!

1 – The “Getting Warmed Up and Psyched Out” Song

To really crank up your routine, begin with Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust.” Whether you are stretching, loading up the weights, or just need something to get yourself motivated, this song just does it. At almost 4 minutes in length, the driving bass beat will have you ready to lift weights, spin, do cardio, or just hit the treadmill.

2 – The “Getting Warmed Up” Song #2

No workout would be complete without Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger,” and it ties with “Another One Bites the Dust” for best warm-up song. You’ll want to get in the ring and go a few rounds with Rocky Balboa himself after listening to this tune! Often used in high school and college gyms and for pre-game warm-ups, this song is sure to get your heart pumping!

3 – The “It Just Feels Good” Song

Ok, your heart is pumping, and you’re getting into your workout. “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang is catchy and happy. Those endorphins will really start going, and you’ll feel even better with this tune popping.

4 – The “Arm Day” Song

“Hit Me with your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar makes you, well, just hit something. Whether you are shadow-boxing or lifting on arm day, Pat will get you fired up to work on the “guns.”

5 – Best “Shake Your Thing” Song

Always a favorite at the club, “You Dropped the Bomb on Me” by the Gap Band makes you want to get up and dance. It’s perfect for cardio or on the treadmill. It’s another “feel good” song that will help you push through your workout.

6 – Best “Stripper Pole Dance Workout” Song

Your workout wouldn’t be complete with at least a little glam/hair metal, and Motley Crue does not disappoint! Classic “Girls, Girls, Girls” is perfect for those who enjoy a fast, hard beat while working out. (It’s also perfect for the pole dance workout as well!) Play while at the most intense part of your workout – you’ll be motivated to move right through it!

7 – Best “Dance Party” Song

Whether you’re doing cardio, lifting, or working on the treadmill, Rob Base’s “It Takes Two” is another “feel good” song guaranteed to get you through your workout. Dance music is often the best music for a great workout, and “It Takes Two” doesn’t disappoint.

8 – Best “Get Out There and Dance” Song

Straight from the Footloose soundtrack, the title song by Kenny Loggins just makes you want to hit the dance floor and find your inner Kevin Bacon. The song is upbeat, catchy, and the lyrics are just happy. Kick off your Sunday shoes, put on your workout duds, and crank up “Footloose” at any point during your workout. You’ll be smiling while you’re sweating!

9 – Best Song for Getting Pumped

Kenny Loggins was famous for his involvement in 80’s soundtracks; another awesome 80’s movie he wrote tunes for is Top Gun. Among the soundtrack’s best heart-pumping music is “Danger Zone.” This song is great for listening to while you do cardio, and it might cause you to speed up the treadmill just a bit. Runners will love the quick rhythm of the song; boxers will want to find the nearest punching bag so they can keep up with the tune. Find your wingman in the weightroom because this tune is sure to make you pump a little harder!

10 – Best “Meant for the Gym” Song

What list of great 80’s workout songs would be complete without mentioning Olivia Newton John’s “Let’s Get Physical”? The music video itself is a tribute to heading out to the gym. “Let’s Get Physical” is great for cardio, walking on the treadmill, or just getting up and moving! It’s the perfect tempo for every part of your workout from stretching to spinning. You’ll want to find your leotard and join Olivia as she works out.

Love this list? A more comprehensive list can be found at If you are into boxing or weights, has a great top ten list for you to choose from:

Whether you enjoy walking, running, lifting weights, cardio classes, or biking in the great outdoors, if you love 80’s music, this list has something to suit your taste. Grab your leotard and legwarmers and “get physical!”