4 Sports You Can Play as a Family

There is a wise old adage that states, “the family that prays stays together stays together.” An updated version of that thought that is becoming more common each day is “the family that plays together stays together.”

Sports can play an integral and important part in finding unity in the family structure. Families that participate in at least one common sporting event are, for the most part, happier and more likely to retain a feeling of family closeness as the years pass by.

The following is a list of four sports that all family members, regardless of gender and age, can participate in:


SwimmingSwimming is a great form of exercise for young and old alike. Parents can enjoy swimming with their children from infant to adulthood. A backyard pool certainly provides a constant field of play to participate, but it isn’t an absolute necessity. Most towns and cities have public pools or clubs like the YMCA that have pool facilities

Swimming is a sport that doesn’t recognize gender or age. Even toddlers can be taught to swim, and most older people recognize the value of exercise a pool can provide.

Diving, friendly racing and water sports games like pool volleyball and basketball add interest to the pool routine. Whether you are a champion caliber swimmer or a dog-paddler doesn’t matter. The point is to enjoy the water as a family and to have fun together.


Like swimming, cycling has many benefits that make it a family favorite. Cycling takes you outdoors to enjoy the environment, provides great exercise and is fun for everyone.

Beginning with the first bike with training wheels, kids can participate as a family member in all sorts of adventurous rides with their older siblings and parents.

Bicycles are a cheap mode of transportation, and they can be easily carried in a vehicle to places far away that offer new and unique cycling venues. As a family activity, it’s hard to match riding bikes as a wonderful way to get fresh air and exercise.


This is another sport families can participate in regardless of age or gender. Golf can be a life-time endeavor for every member of family. Like cycling, golf provides exercise and the joy of an outdoors setting.

Golf doesn’t have to cost you and arm and a leg to participate as some would have you believe. Family outings to a miniature golf course, a driving range or short par3 course provides as much fun as rounds of golf at expensive clubs or full-size courses.


Tennis is an excellent family sport that you can play together. It’s not only fun, but it also teaches teamwork, mental strength and sportsmanship. Tennis is relatively simple to learn. Although it’s also a competitive sport, with players pitted against each other, winning is not the main objective of a family tennis-day on the courts.

Taking up tennis is also inexpensive. All that is required is a racquet, some fuzzy balls and a good pair of sport shoes.