Why You Should Never Join A Gym

TreadmillsThere’s no denying the importance of getting regular exercise. It’s just not necessary to get your fitness fix in a room filled with clanging weights and other distractions. This is just one of the compelling reasons why you should forget joining a gym and find other equally effective ways to stay fit and get regular exercise.

‘Costs’ Extend Beyond the Gym Fee

The true cost of joining a gym goes beyond the annual fee when factoring in other expenses. The average gym membership fee is $58; although about $40 of that is wasted due to under utilization according to a study that found nearly 70 percent of gym members don’t actually go to the gym. Even if you do make an effort to go to the gym on a fairly regular basis, you’ll likely have extra expenses for gas. You’re also wasting your membership if you don’t use any gym amenities like a spa.

Waiting for Gym Equipment

If you want to use the elliptical machine, selectorized strength machine, or leg press, you may find yourself waiting in line for something to become free. All this waiting can make it difficult to get in a full workout, especially if you only have a limited amount of time before you need to get back to work or tend to other responsibilities. Many popular pieces of gym equipment also have versions that can be purchased for home use.

Unappealing Ambiance

You’re not going to hear the sounds of nature or sweet silence in most gyms, unless you’re wearing earphones or really good at blocking out your background. Whether it’s bright lighting or random grunts and groans, the atmosphere in a typical gym leaves much to be desired; even more so when you factor in the various “aromas” floating through the air. It’s impossible to block out some elements of the typical gym environment, which can become a distraction to the point where it can deter you from going to the gym often — resulting in a wasted gym membership.

You Can Exercise Anywhere

running shoesThere are literally thousands of ways to work the same muscle groups targeted by the equipment found in most gyms outside of a gym setting. bodyweight training, for instance, is a series of strength training exercises that do not require any free weights or gym machines; your weight provides the resistance. Develop a fitness routine matching your lifestyle and comfort level. Options can include cardio in the form of daily walks or the adoption of other forms of exercise.

Simply opting not to join a gym doesn’t mean you’re not committed to staying fit and healthy; it means you’re being realistic and smart. To be fair, some people do actually get what they pay for and more if they make a habit of heading to the gym nearly every day. If that’s not going to work for you, get your exercise from a mix of daily activities and a few pieces of home equipment you can use on your own time for free.