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Have you ever thought about buying a home gym but wondered which one would suit you best, or pondered which is the best exercise bike to buy? Maybe you’re thinking about buying a trail camera or have  thought about taking up boxing to keep fit? Here at ‘’ we like to think we could answer all those questions and more for you.

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We try to review items in a concise manner so you can immediately tell if the item you’re interested in is for you or not. We also try to provide buyers guides on a wide range of topics so you can read through our comprehensive buying tips and then use our reviews to choose the survival or fitness gear that is absolutely right for you. Many people might say that it makes no difference what you buy and that one survival or fitness item is much the same as another, but we’ve been out in the field running marathons and sleeping under the stars, so we know that the gear you have with you can make a huge difference and we want to help you be as fit and as comfortable as you can possibly be.

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Comparison charts

Sometimes you just want a quick overview of what’s available to you and our comparison charts are ideal for this. Just browse down the list of items in our comparison charts and you’ll instantly be able to see what items you’re interested in,. To make things easier for you each of our charts is also fully orderable, so if you want to see which pair of hunting binoculars is the lightest or the best value for money then the answer is always just a mouse click away!

Why have a site dedicated to just survival and fitness reviews

In the winter of 2003 I decided to start training for a half-marathon. As someone who went in to the training with out any prior experience off distance running I was unsure of what equipment to buy and started my training in a pair of trainers that I’d previously used to play indoor soccer. Within about a fortnight of my training starting my knees were incredible pain due the lack of cushioning that my trainers had given me. From that moment I was converted from a man who thought that a lot of sporting equipment was just gimmicky tat that you could easily do without to someone who thought it was very important to find the right gear for you. After all, you only have one body so best to look after it! And we very much hope that this site can help you to look after yourself.

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I’m sure we’ve all seen extreme survival types like Bear Grylls out in the wild and lusted after the thrill that they must fell when embarking on a new expedition. But people like Grylls have been in the survival game for ages and they know what gear suits them best, what do you do if  you’re embarking on your first camping expedition. Well, you could record one of Bear’s shows and keep pausing it to see what gear he’s using, or you could come to our site  and peruse through all the products out there. We try to make every review, comparison chart and buyers guide we put on the site genuinely helpful, so why not start having look around now – we’re sure that you’ll find something you like.

5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Treadmill for You

Buying a treadmill is one of the best decisions you’ll make, at least when it comes to your health. With a treadmill, you can run or jog anytime of the day, whether it’s raining hard outside or it’s late at night.  Aside from the convenience a treadmill affords you, it can also preserve the good health of your joints, knees and back because there’s less impact running on a treadmill compared to running on pavement.

That said, how do you choose the right treadmill for you? Here are five ways for you to select the treadmill that fits your needs to a T.

1 – Set Your Budget

Like in any purchase you’ll make, you have to set a budget first before you shop for a treadmill.  Get a figure in mind before you start shopping and make sure you stick to it.

If you are very conscious about the price tag, you can opt for second-hand treadmill especially one that is less than five years old. The downside is that it won’t likely have any warranty.

2 – Ask Yourself Who’s Likely to Use the Treadmill

Ask yourself—who’s likely to use the treadmill aside from you? Would your partner be using it as well? Do you have teenagers who are likely to jump on it, too?

These are important questions to ask since you can have an idea on the maximum user weight capacity of the treadmill you are to buy.  Yes, treadmills have a weight capacity, meaning your 300-pound husband won’t be able to use a treadmill with a 250 pound user capacity.

3 – Ask Yourself What Features You’d Like to Take Advantage of

The prices of treadmills vary not only on the brand but more so on the features of the machines. As such, the more expensive treadmills have tons of functions ranging from  console speakers where you can plug in your mp3 player to play your favourite workout songs to heart rate monitors.

So ask yourself how much are you willing to pay for these features. You can also argue that some of the features like the console speakers are not as important as the heart rate monitor, but having workout music blasting loudly can keep you motivated.

4 – Determine How Much Space You Have at Home

There’s a reason why elliptical machines have become popular these days, and that’s because these machines don’t take up a lot of space unlike treadmills.

Before you shop for a treadmill, make sure you have enough space in your room. You can start by measuring the free space in your apartment or house. In case you have limited room, you can consider getting a foldable treadmill for easier storage.

 5 – Manual or Motorized? You Decide.

There are two types of treadmill- manual and motorized. The former is very attractive to budget-conscious shoppers because it is cheaper. The downside is that it is not exactly sturdy, and you can’t change the incline level.

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