5 Mistakes I Made When Buying A Rowing Machine

a man uses a rowing machineIf you’re anything like me you tend to learn from trial and error, however today you’re in luck because I’m here to tell you about my mistakes so you don’t have to make them. Injured and frustrated, after buying a rowing machine I realized I had made 5 big mistakes, and unfortunately for me there was no getting my money back. Hear me out and you’ll know exactly what to look for in a rowing machine so you’ll be able to work out with one that’s perfect for you.

Check the Space

The first thing I did wrong was neglecting to make sure the machine I bought actually fit where I wanted it to go in my home. Space is really important, after all you don’t want to be banging your knees or elbows against the walls, right? What I didn’t realize at the time is that hydraulic machines are usually smaller, and there are even some machines that are foldable so you can store them basically anywhere.

The Importance of Resistance

Another big mistake I made was not doing my research about the different types of resistance there are and how can they affect my workout. I truly had no idea that there are 3 main types of resistance in modern rowing machines: water, magnetic and air. Hydraulic machines are designed to emulate the dynamics of water, but there are some people who feel more comfortable with either air or magnetic machines.

Mind your Size

Looking back I realize I should have taken into consideration my height before choosing a rowing machine. It is important to make sure your body fits comfortably, that the seat is right for you and the seat rail is long enough for your legs to stretch all the way without a problem. I should have also checked that I had a strong but natural grip of the rowers which didn’t affect my position during the workout.

Levels of Noise

a man in a gym uses a rowing machineFor a lot of people the amount of noise that a machine makes can be a deciding factor, but I didn’t think of that when buying a rowing machine, which I regret. Now I know that magnetic and hydraulic rowers are usually the quieter, and it seems many people even like the swooshing sound the latter make. Air rowing machines tend to be a bit noisier, but they are still very popular with many because of their smooth and flowing action.

Watch your Budget

The last terrible error I made was not doing a thorough research of the price range between different machines, or I would have known there are some very good ones being sold for anything between 600 and 2000 dollars. You shouldn’t assume, like I did, that spending the most money guarantees you’ll get the best machine, because it’s not like that at all. Take your time and focus on finding a machine that you really like and that truly works for you, it may surprise you how affordable it can be.