The Best Heavy Bag Gloves Reviews Guide for 2020

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Our Guide to Choosing the Best Heavy Bag Boxing Gloves

Are you planning to pick up boxing as a sport? Then one of the first things that you have to buy is a boxing glove. There are two kinds of boxing gloves – the heavy bag glove or training glove and the sparring glove or the punching bag gloves. This article will tackle how to choose the right pair of heavy bag gloves among the many boxing gloves available in the market.

Everlast Train Advanced Wristwrap Heavy Bag Gloves (Large/X-Large)

Our favorite for 2020

Everlast Neoprene Heavy Bag Gloves

A great value option

Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Heavy Bag Gloves (L/XL)

Great MMA gloves

As its name suggests, a heavy bag glove is used for hitting heavy bags and other training aids. It is used to protect the fists of the person using them and now what he or she is hitting. It offers protection against contusions while lessening the impact of a blow to the person’s body. It also aids in minimizing the risks of injuries like broken hands.

Heavy bag gloves can be used with a wrapped or unwrapped hand. They come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from those with minimal padding to other weight up to 16 oz.

Most of the time, boxers use a heavier bag glove as a means to increase stamina and endurance particularly in the shoulders. But since you are starting out, you should start with a 12 ounce training glove.

There are numerous heavy boxing bag gloves that you can find in the market. You should consider several factors like the padding, fit, durability, and colors of the heavy bag glove that you are interested in getting. With that in mind here are five good boxing gloves that you should take a look at.


Everlast Train Advanced Wristwrap Heavy Bag Gloves – There’s no arguing that the premier brand when it comes to boxing equipment is Everlast. The company behind it has been producing boxing gloves since 1910. This advanced wristwrap heavy bag features a closed cell curved padding that places the hand in a natural fist position to maximize your punching techniques and power.

It has an 18 inch hook and loop wrist strap for superior support and protection during training. It also has reinforced finger loops and anatomical thumb padding for superior protection without hampering your mobility and quickness.

The gloves are very comfortable to wear, with its wrist strap stabilizing the wrist so that you can punch the bag multiple times without worrying about getting injured.

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves – These training gloves are designed to enable you to have optimum training. You can properly execute your punches with these gloves as they are designed to conform to the natural shape of the fists. It also helps that there is a full padding on the front and back. Plus, its dense, two-layer foam provides enhanced shock absorption.

These gloves are equipped with Everlast’s trademark Thumblok feature for enhanced safety. Made of durable, synthetic leather, these gloves are available in traditional lace-up and hook-and-look wrist strap.  Aside from boxing, you can use these gloves for kickboxing.

It is available in the following sizes—12-, 14-, and 16-ounces and three colors—blue, red, and black.

Everlast Neoprene Heavy Bag Gloves – A cheaper alternative to the two previous Everlast gloves, these neoprene heavy bag gloves are flexible and durable. The pre-curved foam and padded palm grip should give enough protection to your hands even as you step up your workout intensity. The elastic wrist wrap also ensure that you’ll have a comfortable fit every training session.

There’s also an inside liner that is moisture repellent, keeping your hands comfortable all the time. This is one of the most affordable Everlast heavy bag gloves that you can find today.

Despite being affordable, you can be assured of the quality of this item.

Yet there are some drawbacks using this glove. One, the inside part is made of mesh material meaning you’ll be able to see your hand which may give you an impression that it is a subpar glove.

Contender Fight Sports Pro Bag Gloves – Contender Fight Sports may not be as glamorous and well-known as Everlast but the company does have a reputation for coming out with quality but affordable boxing gloves, like this model.

Available in three sizes (medium, large, and extra large), the gloves are made of one-inch, close-cell foam pads with a closed thumb that provides extra protection. The padded cuff with elastic closure makes this glove very easy to use. Made of synthetic leather, it should last for a long while. Its six-ounce weight makes it ideal for swift strikes.

One thing you should be wary about this glove is its padding which is not as ergonomic as those of other gloves.

Everlast Mixed Martial Arts Heavy Bag Gloves – Here is another reasonably priced heavy bag glove from Everlast. A closer look at the glove reveals that is well-made. It has an adjustable wrist support which should make you comfortable in using it.

With more than an inch of formed foam padding the glove gives enough protection for your hands. Its far easy-style open thumb design also ensures that you can form a more compact fist.

But there are some drawbacks with these gloves. One disadvantage is that you may have difficulty wearing it, especially if you have wrapped hands.


Buyers Guide –  How to Choose the Best Gloves for Heavy Bag Use

But how would you know that one glove stands out from the rest? What are the things that you should consider when buying heavy bag boxing gloves?

One of the first things that you have to know is the size of the glove that you should get. In heavy bag boxing gloves, the recommended size for beginners is 12 ounce. Since you’re just starting out in this sport, you must get a 12 ounce heavy bag boxing glove. Increase weight as you increase your intensity levels and improve your cardiovascular endurance.

You must also make sure that the glove that you are interested in fits well. It is recommended that you wrap your hands and try the boxing gloves on. If you didn’t bring your hand wraps, wrap something like your handkerchief in your palm and then slip on the glove.

The boxing glove must be stiff but not to the point that your hands would be denied of blood. Your fingertips must fit firmly against the tip of the glove. Then lace it up or Velcro tight around your wrist.

Of course, you have to consider the price of the glove, too, just like in buying any other product.

Should you consider the brand? To some people, the brand matters while to others, it doesn’t. But all the top boxing manufacturers like Everlast, Ringside, and Title can be counted upon to have great boxing gloves.

What you should avoid are boxing gloves made of cheap vinyl, as these are likely to wear out quickly.

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