The Best Double End Bag Reviews Guide for 2020

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What’s The Best Boxing Double End Bag After 2015?

The best punching bags for the home aren’t big and bulky (unless you have the room for them). You need a bag that is able to help you hone your skills and reflexes. End bags allow you to hone these abilities in a way that a regular punching bag could never offer.

TITLE Double End Bags

Our favorite for 2020

Contender Fight Sports Synthetic Leather Double End Bag

A great value option

Ringside Boxing Double End Bag (7-Inch)

Top quality all leather construction

Double end bags are attached to bungees or to rubber cables that allow them to react to your punches. When you hit these bags, they’ll swing back and forth, forcing you to switch positions, react to the bag, dodge and enhance your reflexes in the process.

It’s all about honing your skills, and this is what double end bags allow.

Tim Bradley, two-time world champion boxer that has only lost to Manny Pacquiao, demonstrates how to use double end bags effectively.

We’ve selected five of the best double bags on the market, and to compare them, you’ll need to consider the following:

  • Stitching: The more stitching, the better. Double stitched bags will be more susceptible to rips and tears than a triple stitched bag, for example. Heavy hitters that want a bag that can withstand a lot of abuse will do better with a triple stitched option.
  • Cables: If you don’t have cables or bungees, you’ll want to look for a bag that includes them, or you’ll need to purchase them separately.
  • Material: Leather material is able to withstand a lot of abuse, but new synthetic material is able to mimic the strength of leather, too. Choose a strong material if you’re a power puncher or may be kicking the bag, too.

Our Picks for the Best Double End Striking Bag

TITLE Double End Bags – Boxing at home is possible, but you need to have the right equipment available. The Double End Bags by TITLE come in three sizes (6”, 7” and 9”), with each size having its own color (gold, red, black).

This is a great entry-level bag that comes equipped with thick rubber cords that will test even those with lightning fast reflexes. Triple stitches allow these bags to last longer and prevents rips and tears.

Inflate the bag and attach the cords to get started. It’s simple, easy and effective for fitness and athletes.

TITLE Platinum Double End Bag – TITLE’s platinum bag is a mid-range option, making it the perfect choice for at-home users. This all-new bag comes in just an 8” diameter sizing, and it’s fast and challenging. The bladder is permanent and will never need to be replaced.

Premium quality leather is used in the design and is extra-thick to ensure longevity.

Black and silver colors are used in the ball’s design. The bungies or cords do not come with this model, so you’ll need to purchase them separately. The bag doesn’t need to be inflated often, and it doesn’t rip with punches. A few complaints have been found when people kick the bag for MMA training.

TITLE Classic Advanced Double End Bag – Featuring a red and black design, this TITLE bag comes in size 8” and is crafted using a double synthetic cover. The cover is designed to mimic the longevity of leather and comes with welted seams, too.

The two hanging loops have triple seams so that they never tear or break.

A rubber top with durable nylon is featured on the top and bottom cords. Balanced to perfection, this end bag rebounds precisely and offers a zippered closure. There is also a rubber bladder inside of the end bag that keeps the bag inflated.

You can’t go wrong when choosing this end bag as a new user.

Contender Fight Sports Synthetic Leather Double End Bag – Contender offers exceptional products, and their double end bags offer one thing others don’t: very low prices. This model is selling at a low to mid-range price point, and it has a radius of 9” to allow for enhanced accuracy when training.

All of the seams and straps have been double seamed for enhanced longevity.

Two rubber cables are included (you don’t need to buy them), and synthetic leather construction allows the end bag to be hit repeatedly without rips or tears.

Cheap and affordable, this bag is right for the new user that wants to work on their accuracy and dodging ability.

Ringside Boxing Double End Bag – Ringside’s double end bag is a low to mid-range item depending on the size you choose. Offered in a black, white and red design, all-leather construction allows this bag to last longer than the competition.

Double end bag cables are provided (a bonus), and the top and bottom loops are all triple reinforced for a stronger hold.

Sizes are available for 5”, 7” and 9” bags. Air does seep out of some of these bags, causing you to need to refill every month or so. But for the quality that Ringside offers, it’s a small price to pay for a bag that can withstand heavy weight power with ease.

Buyer’s Guide –  How to Choose the Right Double End Punching Bag for You

The great thing about double end bags is that they’re rather affordable. And even the cheaper models will last a long time, albeit you may have to refill their air a little more often. When training, you need the right equipment for the job, and this is exactly what a double end offers.

You’re also going to save money over a traditional bag. You won’t need as much room as a punching bag would demand either.

Double End Bag

Since they’re all rather close in pricing, you’ll need to really sit down and make a decision based off of criteria. A few of the criteria points that will help you along the way are:

  • Size: The smaller the size, the better reflexes you’ll need. Start with a larger size if you’re not sure you’ll be able to hit a 5” diameter bag. If you’re experienced and have good reflexes, you may find a 5” bag to be more of a challenge.
  • Price: Again, price isn’t much of a concern with these bags, but it’s something you do want to consider. We recommend having a general budget to go off of so that you ensure you’re not spending too much on your bag.
  • Zipper Options: The bladder, or the part that holds air, can pop over time. And while a small leak can be remedied with a simple refill, being able to replace the bladder will save you money in the long run. If the bag has a zipper, it will likely allow the bladder to be replaced. This is good for heavy hitters that may break the bladder over time.