The Best Racquetball Shoes Reviews Guide for 2020

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How to Find the Best Shoes for Racquetball After 2020

You won’t be able to realize your true potential on the racquetball court without the right shoes. Racquetball shoes are required for you to be able to maintain traction and support on the court, and they’re specifically designed for the sport.

Ektelon Men’s NFS Classic MID Racquetball Shoes

Our favorite for 2020

Wilson Men’s Recon Racquetball Shoe

A very close runner-up

Ektelon NFS Classic II Low Racquetball Shoe

A high-quality pair of racquetball shoes

We’re going to review some of the best racquetball shoes on the market today, and explain which shoes are best for each player.

But when you go to look at these shoes, you’ll need to keep the following in mind:

  • Comfort: The shoe needs to be comfortable during long wear. The first manufacturer on the list offers something called NFS, or natural foot shape, technology in their shoes. This technology is designed around comfort. Look at any special features or technology of a shoe that aims to provide enhanced comfort to the wearer.
  • Material: Mesh material allows for more airflow into the shoe, which cools the foot and prevents sweating. Synthetic leather is preferred over leather because it’s a lot lighter, allowing shoes to be lightweight without losing any durability or function along the way.
  • Traction: The traction of the shoe is offered through the outsole. Pay close attention to the material that the outsole is made from, and keep a lookout for any special technology that’s used on the outsole to add more traction to the shoe. You need to have the utmost traction when out on the court – especially indoors.

When reading over the reviews below, you’ll want to keep the points above in mind and also pay special attention to the shoe’s sizing.

Reviews of the Top Racquetball Shoes

Ektelon Men’s NFS Classic MID Racquetball Shoes – The Ektelon Men’s NFS is a classic shoe meant to provide the utmost agility and speed of all indoor court shoes. Back by popular demand, these shoes were so loved by players that the manufacturer brought them out of discontinuation.

Natural rubber outsole and a molded EVA midsole provides traction and stability.

A full grain leather upper is provided along with an anatomical sockliner. Ideal for medium to wide feet, these shoes provide ample ankle support. Sizing is smaller than a normal shoe size, so wearers are encouraged to order a pair that’s 1/2 size larger for the best fit.

This is a great, weekly play shoe that is a true classic.

Ektelon NFS Classic II Low Racquetball Shoe – The Classic II is an advanced version of the Classic reviewed just before this shoe. This model is roomier than most shoes to reduce the risk of toe jam and provide ample room for wider feet. Synthetic, this shoe features NFS technology (natural foot shape).

Soft gum rubber outsoles provide exceptional traction during indoor play.

These are wide racquetball shoes, and they’re offered in red, black and white coloring. Sizes 7.5 – 13 are available with a high-end fit accuracy. Some users recommend buying a 1/2 size bigger, as these shoes can be snug for extra wide feet.

The NFS Classic II is a good introductory pair of racquetball shoes.

Wilson Men’s Storm Indoor Court Shoe – The Men’s Storm is a great shoe that offers a balance between performance and comfort. A relaxed feel offers high-end comfort, while a duralast gum rubber outsole and R-DST technology offer superb traction on the court.

The shoe weighs just 10.53 ounces, so they never weigh down players on the court.

Synthetic leather is featured with a mesh upper, which reduces overall heat on the foot. Arch support is excellent and the soles are well-made. Sizing is slightly narrow, so users will need to wear them in or buy a “wide” size if their foot is even slightly wider than normal.

A narrower heal is offered as well as a full-width arch.

These are good shoes for frequent players.

Wilson Men’s Recon Racquetball Shoe – The Recon is a men’s shoe that comes in a stylish yellow, black and red design. Rayon material is used on the shoe, and a rubber sole ensures proper shock absorption on the court. Synthetic leather and a mesh upper provide a lightweight, breathable design.

These shoes weigh just 11.42 ounces.

A midsole, chassis design is featured along with R-DST technology. The gum rubber outsoles add to the shoe’s traction.

This is the right shoe for competitive players that need cushion and durability, but also focus on hold to win each game. Sizes for this shoe run big, so users will need to order a 1/2 size or a full size smaller shoe than normal.

Ektelon Men’s T9 Roadster Shoe – The T9 Roadster shoe is a great indoor court shoe that comes in a wide style, and has an upper that is designed for comfort and support. No break-in technology is incorporated into the shoe to allow users to put them on a play without any downtime.

AIRMesh panels are featured with a breathable design that’s flow-through for proper cooling.

Dri-LEX linings are incorporated into the shoe, and there is no-marking technology to leave the court good as new. A thick collar that’s contoured provides lateral support. The midsole offers a four-piece construction for dense cushioning and optimum stability.

These are shoes pros would wear but the everyday person can afford.

Buyer’s Guide –  How to Choose the Right Racquetball Court Shoes for You

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a racquetball court shoe. You’ll need to sit down and weigh the quality shoe you need and the price that you can afford. High-end pairs offer higher durability and long-lasting quality, which is something that cheaper pairs can’t offer.

Racquetball Shoes

Always do your research when trying to buy racquetball shoes because they’re vital to your success on the court.

We’ve listed a lot of great shoes above, and you can narrow down your choices further if you pay attention to the following:

  • Size: The sizing is essential for comfortable wear on the court. Players need to be comfortable, or their game will suffer. An appropriate fit is needed, and if you have wider feet, it’s essential that the shoe you chose is right for wide feet. Reviews will let you know of any sizing issues. In most cases, you’ll need to order a half a size bigger.
  • Reviews: Read reviews when buying any sport shoe. User reviews are paramount when finding the right racquetball shoe because they let you know sizing issues and durability issues that others have faced.
  • Type: Men and women shoes are much different, and it’s more than just sizing that varies. If you’re a man, look for men shoes and vice versa to ensure that they’re stylish and designed for your gender’s foot.

If you use the criteria above, you’ll have a much easier time trying to pick a shoe that’s right for you. Just make sure you budget properly for your play. If you play every day, you’ll need a high-end shoe.