7 Reasons Why It’s So Difficult To Train When You Have A Hangover

a-woman-sleeps-at-her-deskYou wake up, head groggy and buzzing ever so slightly – but you know you aren’t buzzed. That’s the beginning of your well-deserved hangover migraine. Up until today you had been really good about going out to train every single morning, but now the motivation is lacking entirely. As they say, when you drink you are only borrowing happiness from tomorrow.

Well, tomorrow is here and you still have responsibilities to attend to. There are many reasons why training with a hangover is hard, but here are the 7 most compelling ones.

1. You Are Physically Unwell

Your liver is recovering and your body is paying the price for it. You’re slower, more tired, and your head absolutely kills. You might even be nauseous. You feel like you don’t need the extra stimulation.

2. You Can’t Push Yourself

When you’re feeling ill, you’re going to have a hard time working hard. Additionally, your body is still recovering from your alcohol intake, meaning you probably feel more sluggish than usual. Not being able to push yourself in a workout can be discouraging and make the workout a lot more difficult mentally.

3. You Want to Sleep It Off

You’re nauseous, have a headache, and you are more irritable than usual. Calling it quits and heading to bed may seem like the answer to your problems! Sleeping it off is a lot easier than working through it. Unfortunately, it also means skipping your plans for the day, including your workout.

4. It’s Low on the Priorities List

Treadmill for BeginnerIf you have a million other things you are supposed to do today and your pain forces you to pick 5 of the 10, working out may not be on that list. Because of the hangover, you might have a shorter gauge for work. It is normal to feel like writing it off so you can finish other more important things.

5. Daylight Hurts

Yeah, going outside today is going to be a struggle. If the sun is already up, getting to your workout place might be an extra challenge. Hopefully you know where your sunglasses are, because traveling with a headache is not fun.

6. You Are Dehydrated

Drinking alcohol makes you dehydrated and in all the fun you may have forgotten to have water before bed. When you are dehydrated, you are more irritable, have a dry mouth, and are increasingly sluggish. As previously discussed, a sluggish workout is one that is hard to finish.

Working out while dehydrated is not encourageable and can actually be very dangerous.

7. Low Motivation

Finally, the collection of it all: the dehydration, the desire to sleep, the evil sun, the discouragement, the physical symptoms. You don’t feel like doing it. Motivation levels are running extremely low and you are looking for a reason to get out of it.

Despite all of these reasons why working out with a hangover is extra difficult, there is still value in doing it anyway. Persevere and complain about it to your friends later. Round two, anyone?