4 Mistakes I Made When Buying a Recumbent Bike

I decided to purchase a stationary, recumbent bike because I live in a rainy climate and sometimes I am unable to ride my bicycle outside. My bike allows me to get the exercise I need, even on cold days and snowy days. However, there are a few things I wish I would have considered before purchasing my recumbent bike.

1. Comfort

I injured my back years ago in college playing volleyball. Because of this, I need a bike that offers sturdy support for my back as well as a seat that can be easily adjusted. Because I bought my bike online, I wasn’t able to test it out before I bought it.

While my bike does allow me to slide my seat forward and backward to adjust for my height, it doesn’t allow me to incline the back support very far. While my feet and legs are comfortable while pedaling, I often feel as if I’m sitting a little too upright. I wish I could incline my top half backward a bit farther.

2. Shop Around

The internet is the best resource on the planet when it comes to shopping around. Do not buy the first product your cursor clicks. Instead, browse merchandise on at least half a dozen websites, and be sure to compare prices, size specifications, and bike features.

Once you’ve compared prices and features, go to the brick and mortar stores for each website, if possible, and view the actual bike before you purchase it. Some stores have bike displays set up. If you can, sit on one or two of the displays and test them out.

3. Consider Size Specifications and Weight

I bought a small bike because I wanted it to fit in one corner of my bedroom. With all the furniture I keep in my tiny room, I simply didn’t have room for a large bike.

Recumbent Bike

While the bike I chose definitely fits in my room, I wish I had purchased a slightly smaller one. Had I checked the bike’s size specifications and measured the space in my room, I’m certain I would’ve bought a smaller bike.

My bike sits in my upstairs bedroom, and I had to get my husband and son to carry it up there for me. If you live alone in a house with stairs and are buying a stationary bike, consider purchasing a lightweight one that you can easily carry yourself. Or, be prepared to get a friend to help you if you know the bike weighs more than fifty pounds or so.

4. Consider the Bike’s Necessary Features

Now that I have bike, I wish I’d chosen one with a cup holder for my water bottle. I also wish I had bought a bike with a little slot where I could rest my mp3 player.

Before you buy your bike, make a short list of features you desire. For example, do you want one that has a built-in computer screen? Is a calorie tracker important to you?