The Ninja Guide to Buying a Survival Shovel

a shovelWhen people put together a collection of survival gear, they often neglect to buy a survival shovel. Huge mistake! A folding shovel is not only valuable in camping situations, it’s a useful tool for survival situations as well. If you’re stranded in the wilderness, a high-quality survival shovel can make your life a lot easier; in a dire situation, it could even save your life. A good survival shovel can:

  • Work as a tool for constructing a shelter
  • Help you dig sanitation ditches
  • Be used as a self-defense weapon

Check out the video below to see a survival shovel in action.

What Kind of Survival Shovel Fits Your Needs?

Survival shovels are different from a standard shovel. Two key differences are:

  • A sharp, pointed blade designed for digging trenches and holes
  • Survival shovels have the ability to fold, so you can carry them in your pack, attach them to your belt, or stow them beneath a car seat

A quick internet search reveals that there are countless survival shovels available. Which one is right for you?

Because there are different materials You’ll need to decide what ways you think you’ll use this tool before you decide which one to buy. (If you have more questions, check out Manly Material’s article, too.)

Survival Shovels for Hikers

If you’re buying a survival shovel to accompany you on hiking trips, your best bet is to buy a lightweight, folding shovel with a carrying case. Many models available offer a handle that folds twice to minimize the space it takes up in your backpack. If you’re less concerned with space (or you just like the “old school” look and feel), there are many models that have wooden handles. No matter the hiking shovel you buy, you should find a model that has a serrated edge, in case you find yourself in need of a saw.

Shovels For Survival Use and More Intense Digging

a man digs in snowIf you’re concerned with the ability to quickly and easily dig holes or trenches, you’ll need a stronger shovel. If you intend to use the shovel in the winter when the ground is either extremely hard or completely frozen, you’ll need a survival shovel with a pick.

Stainless steel is usually the preferred method for survival shovel blades–it can hold up to repeated use and doesn’t rust as quickly as other metals. If you want a shovel that can double as a self-defense weapon, you’ll need to choose one with a sharp blade; there are many models that have an axe-blade on one side.


We hope that this article helps you find a great survival shovel that fits all of your needs–whatever they may be. Choose well–a high-quality collapsible shovel may be your best friend on a camping trip or in a survival situation.