The Top Ten Best Music Videos to Work Out To

Working out does not have to be as dull as everyone makes it out to be. The trick is to find music that engages you as you go through the workout so that you stay focused and enthusiastic about exercising. Numerous studies have been done on why music is vital for a successful exercise routine, and we can take it a step further: music videos can really pump you up for maximum calorie burns. Below, we have chosen the ten best music videos to work out to.

1. Beyonce’s End of Time

There is something infectious about the way Beyonce dances that can really inspire you as you exercise. She has lots of energy, and this video, made of moments from a live show will really get your energy going so that you can exercise while at the same time having fun.

2. Lady Gaga’s Applause

Lady Gaga always creates stunning and inventive music videos and this one is certainly not the exception. The flashing lights and black and white images can get you started on cardio, and the pulsing chorus will encourage you to push just a little bit harder.

3. Pharell William’s Happy

This music video is one that features lots of people breaking out and dancing wherever they are and can certainly encourage you to start moving. The catchy beat will get your feet moving and your arms pumping and you will be laughing along to the happiness that you see in the dancers’ faces.

4. Katy Perry’s Roar

There is no chance you can stay still while listening or watching this video. It will force you to move and enjoy the onslaught of sound at the chorus. The colorful video cannot fail but put you in a great mood so that you can really enjoy even the hardest exercise routines.

5. Pitbull’s Timber

If you are someone who needs a bit of encouragement to get started on your cardio, this music video will get you there. The rhythmic beat is great for step aerobics as well as any other exercise that needs a strong count to keep the heart pumping.

6. Jennifer Lopez’s Goin’ In

The breakdancing in this music video will inspire you to get those arms and legs moving. Lopez really gives it her all in this dance-heavy video with a pounding beat perfect for cardio. The flashing images and intricate choreography will also keep you interested as you exercise.

7. Britney Spears’ Work B**ch

Britney Spears’ videos are usually great for exercising because she has such powerful dance routines. The beats in her music also make it easy to keep a steady pace for cardio and this song encourages you to do exactly what you need to do: work!

8. Sara Bareilles’ Brave

This video has something that can help you on days when you do not really want to exercise. It provides not only a catchy tune and powerful beat, but it also adds a touch of inspiration with its lyrics. Having people start dancing anywhere they are will definitely put a smile on your face as you start your exercise routine.

9. Fergie’s A Little Party Never Killed Nobody

The roaring 20s is the theme in this music video, with tons of glitz and glamour. The flashing lights and fun chorus will start your endorphins pumping so that you can begin your workout the right way. Fergie’s powerful voice will also ensure that you start singing along with her even as you sweat.

10. Pink’s So What?

This is one of Pink’s best music videos and it will not only encourage you to try that extra rep, but to do so with a smile on your face. The video is perfectly “pop”, with bright colors and a chorus that is so catchy you will be singing it all day.

All of these music videos will get your heart beating faster as you begin your workout. You will see just how important music while you exercise can be and by choosing to watch to music videos, your eyes and mind will be engaged, as well as your ears.