Try these 4 Army exercises to Get Fit the Right Way

Getting physically fit can take months of extreme practice or years for some people. The army method is, however, intense but yields results in the shortest time possible. The military men and women undergo the Army Physical Fitness Program, which is a three event physical performance test used to determine endurance.

To train for the assessment they undergo training that improves their physical strengths, abilities, and cardio-respiratory system. Here are four exercises the army uses to train, that could help you get into shape.

Pull Ups

Pull ups are used to strengthen the core muscles together with triceps and biceps. It is important to note that if you cannot do pull ups, you may not be able to do any pushups. They require the same muscle strength.

To make a proper pull-up place your hands on the bar, shoulder wide with the palms facing away from you. Pull your body up till your chin goes over the bar and rest back to the hanging position. There are forms of pull ups that could strengthen your muscles for those not able to do complete pull ups.

• Negative pull ups
These are half pull ups done by placing the chin over the bar while standing on something, then slowly lowering your body till your arms hung holding on to the bar.

• Assisted pull ups
Start by sitting under a bar 3 feet from the ground. Grab the bar with your back stretched out, but your feet touching the ground and pull yourself till your chest touches the bar. Other exercises to strengthen you, for a pull up include;

• Using a pull-down machine
• Dumbbell rows
• Bicep curls

Push Ups

Start with a full body warm up using jumping jacks that will get the arms warmed up. Stretch the triceps using shoulder stretches and chest stretches. When you get to doing the pushups, do them at a fast pace with breaks. Keep your hands even, and shoulder apart while your feet should be on your toes.

You could mix up the pushups with crunches to make them efficient. Balance them out. For every minute of pushups do another minute of crunches.

Running Through Interval Training

Instead of the usual several miles of running, the army uses interval running to practice for the physical assessment. The method involves comparing distance and time after running, taking break intervals and repeating the process.

running shoesTry running for a half a mile in 3 minutes. During the break interval jog or walk slowly for a quarter mile to catch your breath. Go through the process again for 3-4 times depending on how soon you want to get into shape. Increase the number of times you run per week as you increase the miles.

Forced Matches

Since the aim of the exercise is getting into shape, you will also have to do the “forced matches”. They involve walking at a fast pace on rough terrain while carrying a heavy load. It is just what the soldiers do while in the field.

Since you do not have a weapon, or the other staff soldiers carry, fill a good bag with weights up to 45 lbs. If your legs get too tired, do periodic squats and lunges to strengthen your feet muscles. Make sure you wear the right type of shoes to avoid blisters.

Just as the army requires both male and females to take the physical assessment test, the training is suitable for both men and women. Develop a routine for the military training and you will see results sooner than expected.