The Dangers Of Running Too Much

Are You Running Too Much? Three Top Dangers to Avoid Out there on the Beaten Path

running shoesAre you an avid runner? Do you get antsy if you have to stay inside when it’s raining instead of hitting your favorite forest trail? Are you running more than 25 miles a week? Experts have concluded that running is an excellent fat-burner and is overall great for your health. But too much of a good thing can be bad if you aren’t keeping in mind these three top tips for avoiding the dangers of running. Read on to learn what you need to do to stay healthy and happy on the running path:

Tip #1: Skipping Your Stretches

One of the common mistakes many beginner runners make as they are working into a long-distance regime is that they skip their post-run stretches. Make sure you are doing this after every run. Your body’s muscles need the recovery period after strenuous activity, and stretching does this for you.

Tip #2: Ignoring Rest Days

some legs runningIf you are ignoring your rest days, then you are almost asking for an injury. Runners who don’t build in rest days to their running regime essentially are overtraining. With each run, your body is breaking down muscle tissue and rebuilding it in the recovery period. Your runs could decline in quality if you aren’t resting. So build in a rest day or two in the midst of long runs.

Tip #3: Running with Injuries

Do not run with injuries. Some runners think they can shake off a pelvis that is sore or an ankle that is hurting. Stress injuries take time to heal, and if you are putting pressure on your body to go farther and farther each day while you are in pain, you are not going to get better — you’re going to worse. Listen to your body. When you are in pain, your body is trying to speak to you, so it really pays to take off a few days or weeks until your body is not hurting as much anymore. It’s Okay to run on a little pain or a little throbbing — but you will continue to inflame your muscles and joints if you are pressing your body into heavy, long exercise while also being injured. It takes patience, but your body will reward you in the long run, and you’ll experience stronger and longer runs if you give your body time to heal. Be gentle and kind to yourself as you heal.

With a little effort in forming these three quick habits, you’ll keep your running regime healthy for your body — and you’ll see greater benefits to your post-workout body. Your body can be pushed to the limits — but every body does have a limit. So take care of your body. Take a rest day when you need it. Always stretch. Be good to your body, and your legs will take you farther each time.