The Ten Best Treadmill Fall Videos Ever

It’s all fun and games until someone falls, then it’s hilarious. Have you ever fallen and jumped up really quick to make sure no one saw you? Well, the people in the following videos didn’t have the luxury of not being seen busting their tails. The statistics for treadmill-related injuries are not very surprising, especially after watching these falls.

1 – Fallen Star

This guy is really enjoying his dancing session while his friend sits nearby on the computer, seemingly awaiting the inevitable. He takes his dance moves to the treadmill and quickly realizes that socks won’t hold your sandals on while you’re flying through the air. He even jumps back on to make the fall part of his hip-hop routine by doing a spin.

2 – Resolution Jump Start

Most of us make proclamations when it nears the new year. This woman got a jump start on her resolution plans with her shiny new treadmill, while donning a bathrobe. Her poor Christmas tree paid the ultimate price, though, when she crash landed on it.

3 – Extra Parts

How many times have you assembled an item only to have extra parts left over? That conversation probably happened in this household shortly before this incident took place. He looks pretty proud of himself. I’m not sure if he’s the one responsible for “assembling” this treadmill, but someone didn’t read the manual all the way through.

4 – Not-So-Stationary Treadmill

Ok, he doesn’t technically fall off, but this is hilarious. Shenanigans are always fun, at least to those pulling said shenanigans. The surprise the perpetrator of the prank shows is priceless. Who knew it was so easy to move a treadmill? Next time you need to move your treadmill, don’t ask for help. Just get an exercise ball.

5 – Smooth Move

It’s always funny when a show-off gets some instant karma. I’m not saying this guy deserved to fall for being good at what he does, but it’s still funny. The flailing hands made it complete. Put your pants on like the rest of us, would ya? At least he did attempt one leg at a time.

6 – Pantsed

Having your pants fall down in public is a nightmare for pretty much all of humankind. This guy was having a fruitful run on the treadmill until this nightmare comes true for him. He quickly finds himself bullied by a piece of gym equipment he thought he was mastering. Then he runs off after salvaging what dignity he has left.

7 – Watch Your Step

Who steps on a moving treadmill without at least giving it a glance to see where you’re stepping?!?! This guy! Talk about confidence. I’m sure that confident bubble burst along with the rest of him when he wiped out. Even though the treadmill is stationary, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t move. Would you step on an escalator without looking first? I think not for most normal egos.

8 – Nice Recovery

This gym rat got caught focusing more on looking at a behind than looking at where he’s putting his feet. He then tries, and maybe successfully, plays it off as a transition of sorts into doing push-ups. The way she stares at him makes me wonder if his recovery worked, or made the situation even more awkward.

9 – Background Breakdown

Cameras. Always around when we least want them to. These guys seem like they’d be somewhat on a more professional level, what with the interview taking place in their midst. Not the guy in the background. He throws caution to the wind, but the rest of us reap the hilarious reward.

10 – Feet, Don’t Fail Me Now

Here we have a man running his heart out on the treadmill. He seems to be doing an all right job until his feet look like they’re going way faster than the rest of his body. After the inevitable happens, he looks to take a quick nap before being completely discarded by the treadmill.