The Best Manual Treadmills Reviews Guide for 2020

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Let us help you find the best manual treadmill for running in your home

Do you want to stay fit but don’t have enough time to go to the gym? Then investing in a treadmill is something you should consider. The general notion is that treadmills are a bit expensive, but you can actually opt for a manual treadmill that is reasonably priced and still powerful enough to allow you to have an intense workout at home.

Stamina InMotion Manual Treadmill (Pewter Grey

A great value option

Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill

Our favorite for 2020

Exerpeutic 100XL High Capacity Magnetic Resistance Manual Treadmill with Heart Pulse System

A great treadmill from Exerpeutic

There are two types of treadmills. Apart from the manual type, there is the motorized treadmill. The key difference is that a non-motorized treadmill is self-powered, meaning the user has to run or walk to set it in motion. It can give you a decent workout particularly to the lower body, as all the force needed to rotate the belt around the treadmill emanates from the legs and not the machine.

Another difference between the two is the cost. A manual or a self propelled treadmill is cheaper because it lacks a motor. Being motor-less also makes the manual version lighter compared to a motorized one. Thus if you are to move to a new house in the future, you may want to get a motorized treadmill instead of a motorized type.  Being lightweight also makes the motorized treadmill easier to store away as it does not have a bulky engine system.

This type of treadmill is great for anyone wanting to stay fit by running or jogging, although those who are on the comeback trail after an injury are particularly advised to use this type of treadmill. This is because this type of treadmill would allow them to build up their lower body muscles at their own pace.


Stamina InMotion Manual Treadmill – This is a great unit from Stamina InMotion, a company that is known for its quality and inexpensive fitness equipment.

This treadmill has two incline positions—10 and 8 degrees—that you can vary to increase the intensity of your workouts. It is equipped with an electronic monitor that can track your speed, time, and distance covered, as well as estimate the number of calories that you have burned while using the treadmill.
Its walking/jogging surface is textured and made of a non-slip material, thus lessening risks that you will slip while using the treadmill. Safety is also assured as the front and side rails are foam padded.

The treadmill measures 47 inches in length, 22 inches in width, and 45 inches in height. It comes with a one-year warranty on the frame and 90 day warranty on its parts.

Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill – This is another good quality treadmill. It has eight adjustable levels, giving you a lot of variety in your workouts. You can adjust the resistance levels depending on how intense you want your workouts to be.  It also boasts of a fixed gentle incline to add intensity to your exercises.
There’s a multi-function monitor where you can see vital numbers like speed and distance, time, as well as the number of calories you have burned while using the machine.

The treadmill measures 52.1 inches in length, 24.4 inches in width and 9.3 inches in depth. When folded, its length drops to 48 inches while its depth goes down to 7.9 inches. Storing it should not be a problem as it has an easy folding and storage mechanism.

This treadmill can accommodate users who are up to 220 pounds. It comes with a 12 month warranty.

ProGear 190 Space Saver Manual Treadmill with Twin Flywheels – Here is another inexpensive non electric treadmill that you may want to buy. It’s a very attractive option for those who want a quality but affordable treadmill.

When assembled the treadmill measures 47 inches in length, 23 inches in width, and 41 inches in height. Its easy fold mechanism drops it to folded dimensions of 21 inches in length. The treadmill belt measures 43 inches in length and 13.25 inches in width.

There are two position incline levels in this cardio machine—6 and 10 degrees. You can change the incline levels depending on the intensity of the workout that you like. There is also a LCD display that shows the distance you’ve covered, elapsed time, calories burned, and your average speed.

The treadmill has a steel frame with a powder-coated finish, and its side rails are wide enough, too. Below the machine are transportation wheels for ease in mobility.

Phoenix 98510 Easy-Up Manual Treadmill – This is made by Phoenix Health and Fitness, a fitness equipment distributor that has been in the business since 1998. It measures 46.5 inches long, 50 inches wide, and 21.1 inches tall, with a one-year frame warranty.

The treadmill is equipped with a heavy duty flywheel and a durable running belt. The latter responds well to the walking or jogging speed of the user. So the faster that you run, the faster the belt would spin and enabling you to reach whatever fitness goal you have in mid.

There is also a single button, LCD display that shows your speed, time elapsed, distance covered, and the number of calories that you have burned while using the treadmill.

If you have a small house you will love its spring-loaded pull pin. This allows you to fold up the machine and lock it in place, or store in the garage or in a closet.

Exerpeutic 100XL High Capacity Magnetic Resistance Manual Treadmill – Looking at the specs of this machine will give you an idea why it is slightly more high end than the other units mentioned in this article.

For one, this treadmill is strong and tough enough to accommodate users who weigh as much as 325 pounds. It has twin, six-inch diameter flywheels that enable it to provide a smooth and consistent workout, something that cannot be said of single flywheel treadmills.

It also has advanced features like a heart pulse pad that you can use to measure target heart rates. Its extra long safety handles are more than double the length of other manual treadmills, giving enough security when walking and preventing loss of balance on the part of the user.

And unlike the other treadmill units mentioned earlier, it has three incline levels—8, 10 and 15 degrees—that you can choose to alter your workout intensity.

Buyers Guide –  How to Choose the Right Self Powered Treadmill for You

With the numerous options that you have, it is understandable why you may feel overwhelmed. So how do you pick the right treadmill unit? There are certain things that you need to take into consideration.

One factor is your weight. As you may have realized while reading the reviews above, treadmills have a maximum user capacity. Obviously you should get a treadmill that is sturdy enough to accommodate you. Take note of the maximum user capacity of the unit you are interested in before you make any orders.

Aside from the user capacity, the treadmill should fit in the area where you intend it to place. It would be great if you measure your room or garage first then make a shortlist of units that will fit in the area that you have.

As in any other purchase you will have to set a budget. You can get a quality manual treadmill with a budget around that of a budget item. Keep in mind though that the treadmills that are within this price range are very basic. If you want more features then you will have to increase your budget to the mid-price range or even higher.

You should not overlook the safety features as well. Buy a treadmill with handrails that are conveniently placed without being obtrusive.

Lastly, find a treadmill with a long warranty. You should get a unit with at least a year of warranty on labor and 1 to 3 years coverage on parts. Ask the salesperson on which components are covered.


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