The Ten Funniest Exercise Pratfall Videos Of All Time

While laughter isn’t part of most exercise regimens, you might get a good aerobic workout after watching these exercise bloopers.

1 – Bench Press Gone Bad

If a bench press goes well, the person attempting it looks heroic. As they control the huge amounts of weight in a sustained movement, they resemble something akin to a Greek god. However, if they’re not paying attention like our bodybuilder here, it can quite literally be a pain in the neck.

2 – Treadmill Distraction

The only person you should be concerned about at the gym is you. However, many people get distracted, like this man, who lets the passing of an attractive woman completely steal his focus and cause him to literally fall on face. But hey, at least he plays it off with some quickly ad-libbed push-ups.

3 – Exercise Ball Fall

Exercise balls, otherwise known as balance or stability balls, are a great way to achieve balance. It does not seem advisable, however, to set up four in a row and jump from them like you’re Super Mario on a budget. While this guy does make it onto three of them, his less than smooth landing on ball number three means that he takes an even less smooth fall onto the floor.

4 – Pull-Up Fall Down

One of the best bodyweight exercises, pull-ups require you to summon as much strength as you possibly can in order to bring yourself up and down in a sustained fashion. However, the “down” aspect of this workout isn’t quite as flattering if you’re taking the bar down with you. At least it’s a short trip to the ground.

5 – Deadlift Puke

Just the name of the “deadlift” workout seems designed to inspire terror in newbies. Perhaps that’s why our warrior in training needs to prime himself with some blood-curdling screams. Alas, it’s not enough, as the barbell isn’t even past his knees before he loses what we suspect was his lunch.

6 – The Not

So Stationary Bike – Learning to ride a road bicycle has a degree of difficulty as new riders have to get used to the effort required of them to stay balanced. A stationary bike takes out that problem, so we’re in awe of this teacher who somehow found a way to take a tumble into a desk and chair while exercising on a bike that shouldn’t be going anywhere.

7 – How Not to Squat

A squat with heavy barbells requires a whole lot of concentration, and as this video shows, a good spotter by your side. While our guy performs his first few reps well, he clearly loses his grip, both literally and physically. Just another reminder of why it’s never a bad idea to stop before you start to feel unsafe.

8 – Fart Time

Sometimes our bodies do things when we’re unsuspecting. While it might be embarrassing to pass gas while working out, there’s usually no one paying attention, so you don’t have to worry about anything. However, this woman in a workout video finds the worse possible time to break wind. At least she has a sense of humor about it.

9 – From Good to Bad and Worse

This video initially seems like a great example of exercise done right. Notice the smooth, fluid movements of his body. Then, his legs swing suddenly and she falls over along with his platform. Thankfully, his friendly gym companions are there to rush over even before he fully falls over.

10 – Rope Fail

Climbing a rope requires resilience and determination. So, it’s actually not a bad idea to tie it to a mighty tree, as the size of one of those wonders can be an inspiration as you maneuver your way up. However, you need to make sure the limb you’ve chosen can handle your weight. Otherwise, it’s going to be a less than inspiring tumble to the ground.

Hopefully these videos have given you a good idea about what not to do when working out. You need to be focused on each exercise, not over-exert yourself and plan accordingly. If you do that, you’ll see positive results over time. If you don’t, well, you might find yourself trending on YouTube before you know it.